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FAQ - 1





What is TEASE ? Where is TEASE located ?
Why did you call it TEASE ? When is TEASE ?
Who is running TEASE ? So Who makes up the TEASE Staff ?
What is a Captain DM ? How many camp sites are there ?
How many will be in attendance at TEASE ? How big are the camp sites (how many can camp there) ?
Is TEASE just for couples ? How will we tell who is an Attendee, Day Pass holder, Vendor etc ?









What is TEASE ?

TEASE is an Annual outdoor Canadian Alternative Lifestyle BDSM Pan-Sexual Camping Convention; open to any and all from around the world – located VERY on private land, close to Barrie Ontario Canada.

It isn't a weekend - TEASE is a 5 day / 4 night of; Workshops, BDSM Games, Nightly Socials, Nightly Play Party (with multiple Play Areas), as well as Camping with friends and meeting new friends – from July 12 to July 16, 2012.

TEASE is Sponsored by the Dark Angel's Lair (DAL) Play Party, and the BDSM London Munch - both of London Ontario Canada. TEASE is also Sponsored by KNaNO (Bernie & leigh{B}) of Kitchener.

Open to all Adults (which is 18 yrs old in Canada):

Singles, Couples, Triads, Quads, Families; who are - Poly, Monogamous, Celibate, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Curious, Uncertain, etc.

FOR those into; BDSM, Bondage, D/s, M/s, Nudist, Kinky, Gorean, Pony, Swinger, Furry, Fetish,,,,,,, everyone is welcome - as long as you follow the Event Rules and respect the choices of others.

Everything, anyone, for almost anything - NOTHING ILLEGAL IS ALLOWED.



Where is TEASE located ?

TEASE is located on private land (300 acres) in the Barrie Ontario area. Directions and a map are ONLY sent to registered members (who are asked NOT TO SHARE THIS PRIVATE INFORMATION).


Why did you call it TEASE ?

We had to name it something; but this turned out to be an event that named itself.

After a number of years of renting a pop-up camper to go camping, in 2006 Dark Angel bought a used pop-up tent trailer and fixed it up - since it was more economical than renting each year. Now owning "Patches the Ugly Pop-Up Tent Trailer", DA started looking around for opportunities to do more BDSM Camping. DA found lots of opportunities if he had the time to travel all of North America, but none (other than the one that he had been attending for the previous 5 years) within an 8 hour drive. Reluctantly Dark Angel started to look at the feasibility of starting a new BDSM Camping event in our own area to compliment the existing one.

At the end of August 2006 Dark Angel wanted to inform the SW Ontario BDSM Community of the potential event we had been looking into; there is no sense in starting something that no one was interested in - so before continuing on - the question had to be put to the Community.

WOW, we were blown away at the immediate and overwhelming interest shown; happily we weren't the only ones who wanted more summer BDSM Camping to be a reality.

On the local e-mail discussion lists, it is polite to preface anything not truly a BDSM discussion topic with a subject starter; such as ANNOUNCEMENT: or REMINDER: or even OT: (for Off the BDSM Topic).  We weren't starting a discussion - but testing the Community for interest level. It wasn't really an Announcement, it wasn't a Reminder notice, and it certainly wasn't "Off Topic". I chuckled and put "TEASE:" at the front of the Subject line. In reading all of the responses that came in, with the repeated Subject line of - "Re: TEASE: -" - after the 30'th response (public and private) something clicked, and DA liked it !

Simple, cute, and fun - "TEASE" was quickly adopted as the Official name.

One week prior to TEASE 2007, DA a bought a new 21' Travel Trailer that he christened "boo boo". Why call the new trailer "boo boo"? Well - since it is a.) a "Cub" model with a deco of a small bear on the side, and b.) because "boo boo" was purchased with ZERO money down, on a 20 year loan. DA personally did 3 BDSM Camping trips in 2006, 4 in 2007, and DA plans to do MORE in the future (no wonder why he started TEASE eh?).



When is TEASE ?

TEASE 2012 has been booked, and will take place from 10 am July 12, 2012 - to - 10 am July 16, 2012.

5 Days and 4 Nights - with the option of paying for additional camping before and/or after TEASE; For the extra - no booking necessary, just show up no earlier than 4pm on the Wednesday, or decide by 10am on the last monday that you want to come . The ONE extra day early is $20 per person and you pay cash at the camp to the Registration Coordinator. Staying late (after Monday) is not available.

- Registration will open ONLINE Friday Aug 1, 2011 – FOR THOSE WHO ATTENDED AND PAID AT TEASE 2011 (power sites will go at a later date - based on your time stamped online registration).

- Registration will open ONLINE Friday Aug 8, 2011– FOR THOSE WHO ATTENDED TEASE 2011 (but did not pay their deposit at Camp).

- Registration will open ONLINE Friday Aug 15, 2011– FOR ALL OTHERS


Who is running TEASE ?

TEASE is being run and Hosted by Dark Angel.

Dark Angel (known to most as DA) has Hosted the London Play Party "Dark Angel's Lair" (DAL - for 170 kinksters)  for over 10 years. DA also Hosts the BDSM London Munch, the BDSM London Educational Series of Workshops, as well DA was the Chief DM (as well as one of the founding Board of Directors) of Snowbound 2003.

Dark Angel and TEASE are being supported by some close friends - who form a TEASE Staff of very experienced kinksters, who also each - have many many years experience running Alternative Lifestyle events.

TEASE is brought to you, by the following Organizations:

BDSM London Munch, as well as by DAL (Dark Angel's Lair) both of London Ontario Canada. TEASE is also brought to you by EHBC/KNaNO (of Kitchener).


AND - if you are STILL curious about TEASE, you will find hundreds and hundreds of TEASE members on Fet Life

TEASE even has it's own Group on Fet Life (even non-attendees can join),

I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

where you will be able to read people talking about the fun and awesome time, that TEASE is



So Who makes up the TEASE Staff ?

The TEASE 2012 Staff

Host - Dark Angel - also Host of "DAL", Host of BDSM London Munch

Chief DM - Dark Angel

Registration Coordinator - Dark Angel

Volunteer Coordinator - Dark Angel

Set-up/Tear-down Coordinator - Birdman (Set-up Coordinator for DAL)

Workshop Coordinator - Bernie - also Host of "KNaNO", and the Host of EHBC Munch

BDSM Games Coordinator - leigh{B}

Xploration Coordinator - Dark Angel

Special Events Coordinator - leigh{B}

Vendor Coordinator - deka

Charity Coordinator - deka



Brad - Captain DM (Thursday) - also Host of "Chateau Sauble"

Magentis - Captain DM (Friday) - also Assistant Chief DM of "DAL"

Geordie - Captain DM (Saturday) - also Chief DM of the Toronto event "subspace"

Pie Sarah - Captain DM (Sunday)


Coordinators are supported by their Lead Hand Volunteers, as well as supported by the Captain DM who is IN CHARGE of the entire running of the event (for the day they are "on duty").


Is this a Committee ? - HELL NO ! Dark Angel is "Dictator for Life" as well as "Supreme Commander" (for my fellow Calvin and Hobbs fans out there) of TEASE. Staff have specific duties where they have decision making power and allot of freedom to make their mark on TEASE; DA holds final VETO and Budgetary Authority - it is DA's job to provide the vision, and to keep the event together and running smoothly.

TEASE does not have a Hierarchy, it is Controlled Chaos, with DA and a bunch of very experienced fellow Ontario BDSM Community Organizers.

A word from DA : without the support and expertise of this wonderful Staff & Volunteers we would never be able to pull off TEASE. Please thank them for their hard work and enormous effort during your time with us at Camp.

Captain DM's are Acting Chief DM's for one day

Please note: the TEASE Captain DM is the highest authority for the day to day running of TEASE - their word is final and 100% backed up by DA.



What is a Captain DM ?

A Captain DM is the exact same as a Chief DM - except they are only covering ONE DAY (there are 4 Captains, to spread out the work load). The Captain DM is the one who runs the day to day running of TEASE and handles all issues with the support of the various Coordinators.

Since this is a multi day / multi focused Conference (not just a Play Party) the Captain DM's are essentially Assistant Chief's for one day (that is why there is 4 Captains) - otherwise the Chief DM would burn out by the second day, and we would like to avoid that.

Captain DM's decide if a scene is to be interrupted or ended for rule violations. It is not normally a duty of a DM's to interrupt play at TEASE (they are just the eyes and ears of the Captains). A DM might try to catch a Tops eye to discreetly (without bothering the bottom) let them know of potential rule violation (or to clarify) - if ignored they will inform the Captain - who WILL interfere. Obvious rule violations are reported by the DM's to the Captain, who is responsible for the safety and enforcement of the TEASE Play Areas. The Captain, as well as DM's are there to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Captain DM's will be Hosting the TEASE free morning coffee social (9:30 am ~ 10:00 am, we supply the cup - no coffee buckets) on the Day of their shift. Captains will also be doing the DM Orientation (7:45 pm) on their day - that is why you have to attend the DM Orientation EACH night, if you Volunteer for more than one night of DM'ing (same rules, same policies, but different person running the show).

The Chief DM is responsible for ALL areas of the event; campsites, water, power, registration, tents, Medical (First Aid), as well as Play. - the Captain is the #1 Day to Day "go to" person.


PLEASE NOTE: DA has NO OFFICIAL DUTIES AT CAMP. DA will only respond to 3 questions (otherwise you will be sent off to the Captain DM, or the appropriate Coordinator who's job it is).



1 - Does this outfit make me look slutty?

2 - Would you like a cold beer?

3 - Will you beat me later tonight?

DA might answer additional questions (or look at you funny), but only if they involve feeding him, or social in nature.



How many camp sites are there ?

New camp site (2011) - we will have a huge area with no defined "sites"; people are encouraged to create little villages and create something special themselves. Please note: auxiliary tents (such as eating or storage tents) are not guaranty space and sleeping tents take precedence (no matter who shows up first).



How many will be in attendance at TEASE ?

Lots - VERY many Canadian Kinksters from in and outside of Ontario, as well as many many others from the USA. We heavily (but tastefully) adverted TEASE all over North America and Europe - we had 214 in 07, had 268 Members in 08, and SOLD OUT at 325 in 09. We moved to a new venue in Wallacetown Ontario for TEASE 2010 and in 2011 we moved to much nicer land near Barrie. We plan to stay at this Barrie site - so come out and enjoy the gorgeous 300 acres.

To give you an idea; from past TEASE's we have had attendees coming from - Alabama, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, California, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Chicago, Connecticut, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin, and even London UK.

We are also quite open to allowing private or public - Collaring Ceremonies, or Handfasting Ceremonies, or any other Ceremonies - for those who wish to begin a tradition of their own. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions to support YOUR special time at TEASE.



How big are the camp sites (how many can camp there) ?

These are Group Camp Sites - NOT Individual Camp Sites.

I must emphasized - No one "owns" a camp site. Also you will - 90% - be guarantied - NOT get the same campsite from year to year.



For Registered Members - Camp site selection is ONLY to the Area you are assigned into (based on WHEN you register, so later registrations get placed in the back areas). Within your assigned area (HUGE !!!) you are able to set up wherever space allows; please do not claim huge areas by setting up auxiliaries tents to claim a huge area.

username and password are a part of your confirmation e-mail



Is TEASE just for couples ?

NO - TEASE is for EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!

Besides; DA was single for TEASE 2008 - LOL.

TEASE is open to all Adults (18 in Canada): Singles, Couples, Triads, Quads, Families - be they Poly, Monogamous, Celibate, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Curious, Ponies, Furries, CD, TV, TS, Dom/mes, submissives, Switches, slaves, Uncertain, etc. etc. etc. etc. !!!!!!!!!!!! TEASE has always had a larger than expected number of Single people, in fact starting in 2010 - at 7pm on the Wednesday PRE-TEASE Party night; TEASE is hosting a Singles Munch at camp. For this event - we recognize anyone AT CAMP ALONE - as single (we don't care if you are married,, he/she isn't at TEASE so you are single to us). This is to allow people who attend alone the chance to meet other singles who MIGHT wish to play or interact with others who are single. Please note: couples looking for a third or open relationships will not be allowed to attend the Singles Munch (the analogy that illustrates this the best is - if you and your partner are both at TEASE - you have a part time or full time job - but the Munch is for those who are 100% unemployed (at TEASE).

No matter your kink or fetish (well the ones legal in Canada that is), come out and join us and relax.

EXPECT to see people doing anything that the TEASE rules allow - ANYWHERE at TEASE, or almost anything else (especially on their own camp site).

If you or your group would like to organize a particular event or group activity - please feel free to contact us to assist you (if we can) - and maybe even add you to the Official Schedule of events (that was how HIGH TEA 07, 08, and 09 came about). If you wish your event to be added to the Official TEASE Schedule - we will have to be allowed input as to it's timing (in other words, we will not add an event that conflicts with a previously scheduled TEASE event).

For Singles who are coming a day early - there is a Wednesday PRE-TEASE Singles Social; this is for people who are attending TEASE alone,,, so if you leave your partner at home - you can attend the Singles Munch too. The PRE-TEASE Singles Munch is for people who are SINGLE AT TEASE - and want to get to know others in a similar circumstance right at the start of TEASE)..



How will we tell who is an Attendee, Day Pass holder, Vendor etc ?

We will be using the "Tag and release" system.

If your wrist band magically falls off - you will be taken to the front office to be either ejected or to confirm your registration and be re-tagged (then released - LOL). You will have to bring your old Wrist Band, and pay $5 for a new Wrist Band.

Just to be clear - Wrist Bands are a contractual requirement of the Camp Owners, and thus a non-negotiable attendance requirement for TEASE.

If your Mom drives you to camp (or picks you up), she will NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER till 10 am MONDAY. Please be ready for this; Mom can always stay at the office while you take the car to your site to unload, then return mom's car to her up front. She might see naked people though, but we don't care - since TEASE is not responsible for anything at the Camp Grounds outside of 10 am THURSDAY till 10 am MONDAY .








Come join us - and GET TEASED !

E-mail - for Registration or Event info - to:



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