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FAQ - 5













What if we DO have bad weather ?

IF we do have rain, we do not plan on canceling ANY TEASE Events. We had rain on 2 days for TEASE 2007, and NOTHING was cancelled, although we did re-schedule the Camp Picture till the next day.

We have some hidden super secret coded plans (in case of bad weather), that utilize our many covered areas. So far the ideas have talked about are fun things like - a poker tournament, a strip poker tournament, kids colouring indoor camp, subbie mud puddle skipping contest, as well as a tug of war contest (wherever we find a big puddle). These are just ideas so far, and we wont be "posting" anything, but if it rains and you are bored - come on up to the Front Pavilion and see if there is something to do; you will certainly find us doing one or several of these - please join in.

Well, I did mention that this info was super secret - so if you have read this; you have no choice but to now register for TEASE - or else we will have to have you hunted down and memory wiped (do you think the Men in Black will loan me that kewl gizmo?).

We have rented several tents (Workshops, vending, medical play) and so ALL activities will go on, rain or shine. The Camp also has 2 LARGE covered areas which we will utilize.

Sorry, but there will be no refunds due to inclement weather - we can't control the weather (yet)



Can I camp the day before, and/or, the day after TEASE ?

Before - Yes ,,,, After - No

As of 2010 - TEASE handles all registration, including the extra Camping days. You can ONLY camp one day early (starting at 4pm on the Wednesday), and/or one day late (exiting by 2pm on the Monday);

By taking over the Extra Day camping - people can now not worry about pre-registering (although please tell us during your reg process - we wont hold you to it) for the Day Early or Day Late. If 2 days prior to TEASE you decide to come early and camp - then please just come (not prior to 4pm on the Wednesday) and pay cash at the gate for the Pre-TEASE day.

After you register you will be given your site # (after they are assigned) and are free to make your own arrangements. You MUST camp on your TEASE assigned campsite.



Those who Volunteer for Set-up and Tear-down will be allowed to stay an extra day for FREE (but no extra discount). Those who are selected (we do need 15 or so people each day), must be physically able to do strenuous work for 6 to 8 hours. Those who Volunteer for Set-Up and/or Tear-down and then sit around (hung over or sick still fits this bill), or wander off to take care of personal issues; will be sent up front to the Camp Office to pay $20 for the day and the rest of us will take up the slack. If you wish to help for just one hour then bugger off - we do not need you. Please note: if YOU are Volunteering for set-up and/or tear-down; your partner does not get to camp for free,, we are only paying for people who WORK (and the budget is quite limited).

If you camp the day BEFORE ; - you will NOT be allowed to use any TEASE equipment (BDSM Equipment, tents, etc etc); you (and any guests you have along) are on your own as paid Campers at "Country Camping" thru TEASE. Any guests that MIGHT be on the grounds (and are not registered and paid for TEASE), will be required to LEAVE THE CAMPGROUNDS by 10 am Thursday (we have rented the ENTIRE CAMPGROUNDS).

If you camp BEFORE OR AFTER TEASE; please do not bother the Set-up or Tear-down crews.



If I don't get one of the power Sites, can I still bring my Trailer ?

Probably yes; but read on.

If you get one of the (10Amp) power sites, you can certainly bring any trailer (up to a reasonable size).

 If more than one trailer is on the same site; remember the INDIVIDUAL who REGISTERED and PAID for the power will be deciding who plugs in. You MAY NOT share your power, you MAY NOT use a splitter and share or load up the limited system.

If you are on a rugged site: You also can certainly can bring a Trailer if it will fit - lots of the sites allow for pull thru (but don't expect people to move their tent if you arrive late).

Trailers (or tents) on rugged sites are not allowed to be connected to "group" water taps. Trailers (or even tents) are not allowed to plug an extension cord into a neighboring camp site's "paid" electrical plug OR run an extension cord one to the Camp Ground buildings.

TRAILERS type and size will have to be declared during your online registration (or declared and "AUTHORIZED by TEASE" no later than June 1) so that we can make sure you are assigned an appropriate site. If trailers are not "registered" they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ONTO THE CAMP GROUNDS. Also do understand that ALL power sites do not have anything but regular 3 prong 110V plugs (you must provide the trailer twist lock adapter if needed).

If you decide to rent a trailer at the last minute, that is still quite ok, but you MUST e-mail this information (and we have to authorize the use of a trailer) no later than June 1.

 We are not responsible if your last minute trailer decision doesn't fit on the site you have been assigned (No site changes will be made by TEASE for last minute decisions by others).

No parking allowed on the camp ground roads.

Please note: Powered sites are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - if you mail 3 months from reservation opening and state that you have a medical condition and need a powered site or else you cannot attend, we will miss you. Please do not ask for special treatment or for DA to let you use his ONE outlet (it ain 't happening).



Does the camp ground have any Seasonal Campers ?




How many showers do you have ?

- We have 3 showers (that fit 2 people each), 2 are enclosed, and one is open/outside.



How many toilets do you have ?

For 2011 we will have 4 port-a-poties, which will be serviced Friday, and Sunday (we all leave Monday) - There was no problem in 2011 with the number of port-a-poties and they were more than adequately serviced (the company thought I was crazy only letting them get 1/2 full - but we wanted CLEAN services for our members). There are also about 8 Out-Houses, and for those who have those travel toilettes (for night time use), we ask that they empty into the Out-Houses instead of the port-a-poties.



What should I bring to Camp (this one is long) ?

Below is a list of items that you may (some you MUST) want to bring with you. Most are "expected" camping items. This list is provided to HELP.

Anything you forget, or don't think of can probably be purchased locally.

Registration Checking in (these ARE MANDATORY FOR EACH PERSON):

  • "REQUIRED MANDATORY FOR CHECKING IN" 2 Pieces of ID - 1 Photo ID/driver's license or other government PHOTO ID, PLUS one other form of legal ID.

  • "REQUIRED MANDATORY FOR CHECKING IN" Exact Cash ($5 CDN per person) for the Garbage Deposit.


  • A tent or trailer (trailers have to be declared during your registration or at the VERY LATEST 10 days prior to Camp)
  • Tarps to create a covered dining area or to go over your tent
  • A table (we do not have a picnic table for each site, in fact very few) to prepare your food.
  • Sleeping Bags and/or Linens: Sheets, Pillow, Pillow Case, Blankets
  • Washcloth, and towels (including a sitting towel if you wish to sit nude around the camp)
  • Garbage bags
  • Cooler(s) and food to eat/drink for 5 days / 4 nights (or less and money to go shopping) - remember NO GLASS BEVERAGES
  • Plastic cups - needed to bring beverages ANYWHERE off your PERSONAL camp site.
  • snacks, airtight Tupperware containers
  • Money for BDSM Vending
  • Money for Fire Wood ($10 for an arm load)
  • A large water jug to fill up from the communal potable water supply for cooking
  • bottles of water for drinking
  • A good book to read
  • Flashlights (and batteries)
  • Camp chairs (also needed for the Workshops)
  • Air mattress and inflator
  • Music (no electronic music after 11pm)
  • Alarm Clock (just kidding)
  • Kites, Frisbees, Balls, Games, squirt guns (not the replica kind though)
  • Telescope - if you wish to view the crisp clean Canadian starlight view
  • Tiki torches or other Citronella burning (bug repelling) candles

Personal Items:

  • Toiletries
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo
  • Deodorant, Foot Spray/Powder
  • Prescription glasses / contact lens stuff
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription medicine and EPI kits.
  • Allergy Medications (please declare any allergies at registration)
  • Bug Repellant (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Sun Screen (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Cash (there will be BDSM Vending !!!!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Sleeping mask and earplugs
  • Tylenol/aspirin/Advil
  • Pepto-Bismol or equivalent
  • Tissues
  • Towels (especially one to put under your naked butt - nudity etiquette)


  • Something to wear "to and from" Camp - plus bottoms to wear for morning coffee or the Thursday Communal Meal.
  • raincoats rubber boots and umbrellas (even if it rains)
  • shorts, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, clean underwear, warm clothes (Canadian Nights can be hot or cool)
  • slippers, sandals, flip-flops (for the showers), robe
  • a thong to wear below the nudity line (if you are wearing a thong - you are EXPECTED to put a towel under your butt if you sit on ANYTHING you don't own).
  • baseball hat or other hat
  • fetish wear
  • Sneakers or other comfortable shoes
  • walking boots
  • Bathing Suit - Remember we are 20 min from a lovely public beach
  • Remember to always wear a smile at camp !

Play Stuff:

  • Toy Bag
  • Sex Toys
  • Condoms (Safe Sex Play at Camp)
  • Lube & Exam Gloves (remember many CAN be allergic to Latex)
  • Aftercare Blanket
  • Bondage equipment
  • Blindfolds
  • Rope, rope, and more rope
  • Disinfectant, bruise creams or skin ointment (if you are doing cutting, branding, or piercing type medical scenes) - we will not be providing medical supplies for your play - or sharps containers for your refuse.
  • Pony Cart

BDSM Vending:

  • CASH - to shop shop shop
  • Workshops
  • Camping Chair, or kneeling blanket/pillow



How will we eat ?

It is camping; I plan on bringing my BBQ and a cooler of food for my fellow camp mates and myself to cook and feed ourselves (ok, they are going to cook - since I am no chef). Bring drinking water as well as a portable container to get potable water from the communal supply for your cooking.

I suggest bringing enough food to eat for your stay, OR you can also bring just a few days supplies - then take an afternoon drive to a local grocery store (and see the local sites).

Talk to your fellow Campers on the TEASE  discussion list, maybe organize yourself few pot-luck dinners or lunches for those on your camp site. Just because we can't organize and cook (or charge you), doesn't mean you can't eat - LOL.

There are also a number of restaurants within a short drive of camp - take a magical mystery tour and enjoy the local sites.



I am a girly girl - will there be the facilities there to support my primping needs ?

It's camping,,, so plan accordingly, or stay at a local hotel or B&B.



So what EXACTLY does TEASE offer as far as FACILITIES ?

  • hot showers
  • port-a-poties located thru out the grounds (serviced Friday, & Sunday)
  • 10 amp electrical sites (first register and pay - first gone - none are saved for later so please do not ask)
  • multiple water taps at various locations around the grounds - fed from underground natural springs (people are encouraged to bring your own drinking water if you are concerned)
  • 12x24 pool
  • lots of shade (lots of rigging points too)
  • beautiful nature trails for walks or private play
  • daily garbage pick-up (we do not wish to leave any out to attract animals)
  • 20 min from Wasaga Beach
  • 20 min from Barrie (LOTS of shopping)
  • 19 Workshops (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Thursday Xploratorium
  • group camp sites with fire rings
  • communal fire at night near the play area
  • free morning coffee and social
  • fire wood sold on site (self serve)
  • central tent
  • patio deck
  • full nudity allowed 100% of grounds
  • music provided during play times
  • 25 play stations
  • plenty of parking close by (with one vehicle allowed at each site)
  • Close to hotels as well as B&B's (just google Barrie and find something to your taste)









Come join us - and GET TEASED !

E-mail - for Registration or Event info - to:



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