Follows are several of the fun and amazing fun things that are a part of the TEASE experience.



Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by Dark Angel

Dress code is relaxed but no genital nudity is allowed.

B.Y.O. Chair - Unless you wish to stand

There might not be table space for all,, so people are asked to clear space for theirs once they have consumed their meal,, but sit elsewhere under the tent to enjoy the remainder of the meal.

Meet the entire TEASE Staff, meet our Headliners, enjoy some relaxing background music, and the very short opening speech. Consider his a TEASE "Meet and Greet Munch".

Bring something to drink, but as of 2013 - there will not be a TEASE Thursday meal as a part of the opening ceremonies.



Ninja Night

Thursday 11pm (officially ending at noon on Sunday)

to participate a camp site must have a Ninja (Oriental OR skull and/or skull and crossbones flag) on display. You may only take objects, or be active on, other PARTICIPATING camps (with a Ninja flag).

To participate you MUST also have several things on your camp site for other Ninja Clans to thieve from you. , you may NOT take any equipment (spanking bench etc), you may NOT take camping items (coolers, chairs, propane, tents, tarps, BBQ's, etc), you may NOT take any food, you may NOT enter a tent, vehicle, or camper to remove items.

You may ONLY take mascots, camp decorations (except their ninja flag - LOL), and similar non-camp needed items. Join in on the ninja'ly fun. You can spend the rest of TEASE using your Ninja skills to find and retrieve your items. Anyone taking anything but listed items, or entering tents or campers will be considered a real thief, and booted out of TEASE with no refund.

ALL stolen items MUST be returned by noon on Sunday (a few hours prior to the Camp Site Decorating Judging).




BDSM Games

Coordinated by leigh{B}

This is a preliminary list of TEASE 2010 BDSM Games, designed for FUN and to increase our social interaction at Camp.

Spanking Obstacle Course (1 spanker, 1 blindfolded crawler, per team)
- Blindfolded bottom crawls through an obstacle course with a paddle on the butt as the ONLY direction (no spoken commands, no signals OFF the butt)

Speed (Drink Tray) Service
- Contestant races with water filled plastic wine glasses on a serving tray. The goal is to have the fastest time with minimum spillage.

Oral Dildo Relay 30 yard Race (3 people needed per team)
- 3 people - using only their mouths - race a double headed dildo to the finish line (no extra points for deep throat).

Speed Single Tail Balloon Pop
- how many can you pop in 20 seconds

Kinky Balloon Toss (2 people per team)
- 2 people toss a water filled condom back and forth, taking one step away from each other after each pair of throws. Whichever team survives the longest before their condom breaks will win.

Oral/dildo ring toss (1 tosser, 1 oral dildo holder, per team)
- ring toss, onto your partner trying to hold a dildo in their mouth



Dom/sWiTcH/sub Auction

Coordinated by leigh{B}

A limited number of people will be put up for auction, with the use of TEASE Bucks to buy their listed services (usually a single BDSM scene as negotiated). TEASE Bucks will be available for cash for those who have been unable to amass sufficient quantities of TEASE Bucks for that auctionee that has caught your eye. We will only be accepting a limited amount of Volunteers as last year's Auction went on too long and inhibited Play.


All proceeds of the Charity Auction go to the TEASE Official Charity - the London's Aids Committee




Closing Ceremonies

MC'ed by Dark Angel

The 3 LARGE Doorprises will be drawn; all smaller prizes will have been given out person to person earlier in the day.

All Games awards will be given out.

Final night of fun is declared.



PLUS - TEASE BUCKS - (fake money)

You will receive TEASE BUCKS, from Thursday till Saturday at 7:00 pm for PARTICIPATION.

TEASE BUCKS are used at the Saturday Night Auction, as well TEASE BUCKS can be Purchased ($50.00 TEASE BUCKS will cost you $1.00 CDN).

Attending Morning Coffee each day - $50.00

Attend Workshops (unless you are late) - $50.00 for each Workshop

Participate in a Game, or Present a Workshop, Demo, or Xploration Topic - $100.00 each Event

TEASE Money is NOT a prize, everyone gets the same amount for participating.


Please Note: The proceeds for any TEASE MONEY purchased, will be going to the London AIDS Committee.

Please Note: You can not EXCHANGE any TEASE MONEY for real money (NO CASH VALUE); once you "earn it" or "purchase it" - it is yours to keep.










Come join us - and GET TEASED !

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