Who the heck are they?



The TEASE 2013 Staff


Host - Dark Angel - also Host of "DAL", Host of BDSM London Munch

Registration Coordinator - Dark Angel register@get-teased.ca

Volunteer Coordinator - Dark Angel info@get-teased.ca

Set-up/Tear-down Coordinator - Birdman (Set-up Coordinator for DAL)

Workshop Coordinator - Bernie - also Host of "KNaNO", and the Host of EHBC Munch

BDSM Games Coordinator - leigh{B}

Xploratorium Coordinator - Birdman

Vendor Coordinator - deka

Charity Coordinator - deka



Brad - Captain DM (Thursday) - Host of "Chateau Sauble"

Magentis - Captain DM (Friday) - Retired Chief DM of "DAL"

Pie Sarah - Captain DM (Saturday)

SG - Captain DM (Sunday) - Chief DM of "DAL"


Coordinators are supported by their Lead Hand Volunteers, as well as supported by the Captain DM who is IN CHARGE of the entire running of the event (for the day they are "on duty").


Is this a Committee ? - HELL NO ! Dark Angel is "Dictator for Life" as well as "Supreme Commander" (for my fellow Calvin and Hobbs fans out there) of TEASE. Staff have specific duties where they have decision making power and allot of freedom to make their mark on TEASE; DA holds final VETO and Budgetary Authority - it is DA's job to provide the vision, and to keep the event together and running smoothly.

TEASE does not have a Hierarchy, it is Controlled Chaos, with DA and a bunch of very experienced fellow Ontario BDSM Community Organizers.

A word from DA : without the support and expertise of this wonderful Staff & Volunteers we would never be able to pull off TEASE. Please thank them for their hard work and enormous effort during your time with us at Camp.

Captain DM's are Acting Chief DM's for one day

Please note: the TEASE Captain DM is the highest authority for the day to day running of TEASE - their word is final and 100% backed up by DA.










Come join us - and GET TEASED !

E-mail - for Registration or Event info - to:



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