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TEASE has nightly "THEMES"


These are intended to be minimalistic, and only suggested to add to your fun - but in no way are they mandatory. Having FUN is what TEASE is all about, so have fun however you feel comfortable with.

The TEASE Themes simply gives you a suggestion of the "flavour" of the nights demos, or music, or events. A few events are planned so that they actually fit into the night's flavour.

Each night will have a "Conductor"; who works for that days Captain DM, and is the person who pulls together the days demo's or other type of entertainment. Consider the Conductor the theme's "stage manager".





MEANING: Ichi is Japanese (the root of ichiban) meaning first, followed by Yoru meaning evening or night. Ichi-Yoru is the "first night" of TEASE, and we are giving it a decidedly Japanese flavour.

DEMO: The night will have several Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) demonstrations, using suspension, using trees, as well as the Tiki Main Stage rafters.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: kimonos, robes with flip flops, Kabuki masks, and rope dresses, etc.

MUSIC: Various, with no specific other than good scene music.


  • BDSM 102.5 - a 1.5 hour social interaction workshop (introductions to negotiations)
  • TEASE Dinner and Opening Ceremonies - with Dinner entertainment scheduled; which replaces the Burlesque Show of previous years.
  • Ninja Night - a fun and wild way to have fun with other participating camp sites - full details on the Special Events Page; rules STRICTLY enforced,,, so no one goes too far,,, and it stays a FUN event.





MEANING: TEASE Inferno is a celebration of fire and various forms of temperature sensation play.

DEMO: The night will have several Fire Play demos, including fire cupping, Fire Poi (including synchronized Poi Practice Ball scenes), Fire Caning, and Fire Flogging.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: uhhhh not sure about this one - maybe Hawaiian shirt with flames or a kevlar jacket (fire proof clothing) ? LOL

MUSIC: Various, with no specific other than good scene music.


  • BDSM Games
  • Pony Games
  • Fox Hunt
  • 1.5 hour Fire Play Workshop with several presenters and several live demos.

Conductor of Inferno is Magentis





MEANING: Animalistic, Primal, Pagan, Wiccan, Spiritual, with the focus on good energy and hot deep power exchange.

DEMO: The night will have a flesh hook suspension on the main stage, as well as others TBA.

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: freedom of clothing, tribal furs, bell bottoms and hippie tie died shirts, wiccan robes, pagan body painting with free face tribal paint in Club Tiki (various lines on cheeks and forehead).

MUSIC: Live Drumming Circle, as well as other recorded music such as kabuki drums, Celtic, hard rock, and deep pounding primal beats.


  • Live Drumming Circle
  • Workshops & BDSM Vending
  • Fire dance to be around a 15' to 20' tall WICKER MAN
  • a chest containing small slips of paper, with peoples past pains - sacrificed in the chest of the - to be burnt - Wicker Man (as a cleansing ceremony)
  • a Spiritual Blessing by one of our friends
  • Dom/sWiTcH/sub Auction

Conductor of Tribal is Dark Angel





The celebration of sexual freedom

MEANING:"carne vale" is a farewell to the flesh. We encourage letting go of your everyday self and embracing the carefree nature of this night. Carnival embodies a hedonistic celebration of pleasure and debauchery; an evening of lust and the sharing of hot and primal sexual energy.  Come explore the carnal Carnival, the night of possibilities.

DEMO: Bondage for sex, with others TBA

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: masks, robes, fantasy, fetish, lingerie or full nudity. From D.A., an alternative idea is to wear PJ's all day (Hugh Heffner style), or some bunny ears, a negligee, or a new fav - Strap-On Sunday.

Attire for the King's Fantasy Masked Ball is a mask and Formal court attire; From a Viking to Victorian, and all between.

MUSIC: Various, with nothing specific, other than good scene music.


From the decadent masked ball, to the pavilions of pleasure, explore the boundless options.  Allow your libido license to come out and play.  Be anonymous or be yourself, be the prey or be the predator. Do you want to be used and objectified, or do you want to direct the action? Is sensuality and mutual gratification your goal?

  • Workshops & BDSM Vending
  • the pavilion of pleasure

Conductor of Carnival is Dark Angel

Experience the Carnival !







Come join us - and GET TEASED !

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