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(taking place in conjunction with the Post DSR Party)



In 2009 we were SHOCKED to see more than 1/2 the camp full on the day BEFORE TEASE started (on the Wednesday). That night an impromptu "Street Party" just kinda happened - LOL.

For 2010 we want to let people know it is happening and give some of the details, should people be wondering.

The PRE-TEASE Street Party is ON !!!!



Wednesday July 7th from 4pm, till the cows come home !

(we are out in the country, so I guess this is literal - LOL).



  • No theme, let's just have fun.
  • Hosted by, no one
  • At the same time as the Pre-TEASE Party will be the Post DSR Party - everyone is welcome to mix and mingle and creat a large fun social party.
  • Please do not arrive prior to 4pm; we have to do Set-Up, and 400 people showing up and stopping the Set-Up crew 400 times, for hugs and chats - is REALLY a bad bad thing (if you do arrive early, please wait till after 4pm to say hello).
  • At 7:00pm wynter and lil'heather will be Hosting a special "Singles Munch"; anyone who will be at TEASE without a partner,,, no couples. This Singles Munch is to find out who else is "ALONE AT TEASE" (as long as your partner isnt coming to TEASE - we considder you Single for this purpose); and this is so anyone who doesn't have anyone to play with, or socialize with, at TEASE (who is also there a day early) - can find each other right at the start of the event. BYO Drinks, but not your chairs - as this will be a standing social to encourage mingling. ALL of TEASE (Singles and Couples, and others) gets together for a Social (Munch) for the Opening Dinner/Ceremonies on Thursday.
  • BYO Drinks (Park Rules are fully in effect), BYO Chairs, Bring some Camp Firewood to contribute to the bonfire (remember you can not bring Firewood to camp, you MUST purchase theirs).
  • Music will be going so feel free to play; remember TEASE Equipment and extras like Hot Tubs are NOT available till 10am Thursday (but trees and picnic tables are a great and HOT place for fun).
  • In 2009 we had a whole lot of people spinning practice as well as fire Poi,,, this is strongly encouraged for this year again.
  • To come early; you simply have to pay the Camp Ground the fee (it was $25 per person in 2009) for an extra day of camping, and you MUST set-up on your assigned TEASE Camp site (no exceptions). When you register - please indicate if you "plan" on attending early and/or staying later - you aren't held to this at all - but it helps if we can give the Camp Ground Staff a heads up on how many to expect.
  • Remember TEASE doesn't start till 10am Thursday July 8th,, so please do not ask TEASE Staff any questions or for First Aid, or for access to TEASE equipment, tents, hot tubs, etc etc etc.
  • The Camp Owners are your go-to people if you are there early. This holds true for those who also wish to camp a day or so AFTER TEASE ends at 10am on Monday July 12th.
  • The Wednesday night is going to be a social mix of those arriving early for TEASE, as well as those who are enjoying the Post Party for DSR.


If you do not indicate you are arriving early when you registered for TEASE - feel free to decide at the last minute and come a day early (or stay a day later), just remember you have to pay (it was $25 per person, per extra day, in 2009) and you WILL NOT be able to use TEASE equipment or tents etc. You WILL be able to use all the same amenities and the ONE Play Tent - just the same as those who are attending DSR.










Come join us - and GET TEASED !

E-mail - for Registration or Event info - to:



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