The Dark Side is an ADULT Educational Podcast - focusing on the BDSM Alternative Lifestyle and related aspects of Human Sexuality.

Join "Dark Angel" and "KnotNice" each week, for in-depth discussions, opinions, interviews, and threads on an extremely broad range of topics.

You are warned that the topics are not recommended for those under 18, or those who live in an area that does not allow alternative lifestyle relationships (really, you should just move).

The Dark Side is listened to in approximately 50 countries and averages 5000+ feed hits a month. We welcome listeners to message us, rate us on I-Tunes, send a donation, as well as join our Fet Life Group to give input or ask questions for the show.

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sponsor: TBA links: TBA, News 1, News 2

Jan 18




sponsor: TBA links: TBA, News 1, News 2

Jan 11


M2F - the journey Part 2

- Male 2 Female, gender re-assignment, part 2 with kirsten

sponsor: TBA links: TBA, News 1, News 2

Jan 4


What do you look for?

- What does a submissive look for in a Dominant? and visa versa

sponsor: TEASE links: Threadcast, News 1


BDSM and Swinging

- We talk with MydniteRose, who has 25 years Swinging and 15 years in BDSM


Medical Play

DA and KnotNice discuss "Medical Play"

sponsor: NKS links: News 1



- Guest Co-Host lil'heather joins to discuss BDSM Community "Leaders"

sponsor: Toronto TNG links: Playground, News 1


Marking Your Property

- Play, temporary, and permanently marking your property

sponsor: TEASE links: Threadcast, News 1


Collars (and leashes)

- A Dark Side look at collars and collaring; fashion, D/s, and velcro


Second Life

- someone experienced with Second Life, but new to ReaL Life BDSM

sponsor: KNaNO links: MinaMorrigan, News 1


Dropping and Aftercare

- what they are, how to handle them, to negotiate, to minimize or eliminate



DA and KnotNice take a close look at Communication in a relationship


Common Courtesy

A look at polite and expected common behaviors in the BDSM lifestyle

sponsor: NKS links: Etiquette, News 1, News 2


"Taken In Hand"

DA & KN do a joint podcast with Owen & Joni of the "Orangemonkeycast"


Discipline & Punishment

DA and KN tackle one of the most difficult topics for Dominants

sponsor: DAL links: Threadcast, News 1


Hooking-up / Breaking-up

Starting and ending a relationship with guest Co-Host lil'heather

sponsor: Toronto TNG links: Threadcast, News 1


Leather Pride & Fetish Ball

Interviews of VictoriaWindsor & SUBSPACE_Craiger - covering 2 events

sponsor: TORONTO FETISH BALL links: TLP, News 1


Edge Play

What does “Edge Play” mean to you?


Reviews & Rants

KN reviews Shibaricon, DA reviews TEASE 2011, then both give a RANT !

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Our very good friends Dan and dawn - they bring some AMAZING BDSM education to us all.
Our good friend d Graydancer - an amazing man, and an awesome podcast with a very wide range of topics.
Zac, Eric, and the quiet one - are not kinky, but they are just plain hilarious - one of DA's vanilla favs.
Owen and Joni are a kinky couple who are friends of DA's - they started a new podcast mostly about what is happening in their lives at the moment - usually a new show is added monthly. Owen & Joni live the "Taken in Hand" style of relationship, and it peeks out during their show.


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