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TEASE Conditions:

No Refunds.

No Registration TRANSFERS accepted after June1

No Glass ~ No Attitudes ~ Zero Tolerance



For details on anything you see here - it is suggested you check out the FAQ page

- by clicking here -----> TEASE FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: FAQ's MAY not be updated with the new land (as of May 2011) details



No Glass ~ No Attitudes ~ Zero Tolerance

The TEASE Rules as stated here are not subject to negotiation. Policy, Rule, or Etiquette interpretation is entirely the discretion of the Host and/or Chief DM and/or Captain DM; whose decisions are final.

When arriving; be ready to have your coolers, trailers, and vehicle trunks searched for glass (no different that a rock concert), firewood, or illegal items. Contraband items will be confiscated and NOT returned.

As a Private event ; the Host of TEASE reserves the LEGAL RIGHT to refuse attendance or entrance to any the Host or Camp Ground decides to deny attendance (this includes any who refuse to submit to arrival search for glass or refusal to show ID) . Host initiated Bans or refusal of entrance is for the protection of TEASE, the event, the organizers, the attendees, and the venue ; and is not negotiable .


•  The TEASE Event Rules as posted July 6, 2011 are agreed to by the signing of the TEASE waiver during arrival/check-in.

•  Failure to sign the TEASE waiver at check-in will result in denial of admission with NO refund. Failure to show legal ID at check-in will result in denial of admission with NO refund. Failure to submit to vehicle inspection at entrance/exit will result in denial of admission with NO refund.

•  This registration form is a LEGAL agreement between TEASE and YOU; failure to read and understand each section is not an acceptable excuse



  1. No Loud Noise is allowed anywhere past 11 pm. No noise (EXCLUDING SEX) at all is allowed in the whole camp ground past 1 am (DA's Sleeping Law).
  2. Do not leave fires unattended. We reserve the right to extinguish (or WAKE YOU UP TO MAKE YOU EXTINGUISH) any unattended fires that pose a safety hazard.
  3. No glass is allowed to be brought into the Camp (cans or plastic is suggested). The ONLY exceptions are listed in the FAQ section of Any unacceptable Glass will be confiscated and NOT returned.
  4. No Attitude is allowed at Camp.
  5. No illegal drugs or any other kind of illegal activity will be tolerated. We expect registrants to respect all laws (especially regarding controlled substances) of Ontario Canada.
  6. Absolutely NO recording devices are permitted beyond the boundaries of a person's campsite (including camera capable cell phones) .  ALL campsites pictures shall include willing participants ONLY. Failure to comply with these rules shall result in the recording device being confiscated and the recording medium erased. Exceptions are listed in the FAQ.
  7. The group facilities and areas for TEASE are fully non-smoking (Patio, Roads, Pool, Washrooms, Showers, Workshops, Vendors area, Play Area, Central Green, etc. etc. etc.) Smoking is allowed ONLY on YOUR campsite, on the patio, and in the designated areas where SMOKING signs are posted. Please do not throw butts anywhere on the camps grounds.
  8. Full nudity is allowed at all times. No genital nudity OR FetWare at the entrance road (visible from the road). No clothing is allowed in the pool once the sun goes down (100% nude swimmers ONLY). You MUST wear your wrist band for your entire time at camp. Lost or broken wrist bands will have to be replaced (at a cost of $5 by the Attendee) IMMEDIATELY.
  9. You may not touch anything belonging to another person without the owner's direct permission.
  10. You are not required to play if you don't want to. All interaction must be 100% FULLY CONSENSUAL. Each attendee is a willing participant, and is responsible for his or her own personal safety. Either attendee may end play at any time. Un-consensual touching is not allowed and will be STRONGLY enforced. NO means NO, and just because it is exposed doesn't mean you can touch it. Anyone harassing another person or making repeated unwelcome advances may be restricted to their camp site for the remainder of the day/night and/or evicted at the Hosts or Camp Staff discretion.
  11. All players must respect limits and Safewords. The DM's will interpret "Red" as an immediate call to end the scene. If the scene does not end at that time, the DM will step in. If a participant is gagged, a visual signal must be used (such as keys or a coloured ball), and will be interpreted as a Red. The DM's must be informed of this signal before the scene begins. TEASE reserves the right to end ANY scene ANYWHERE on the Camp Grounds that it deems is unsafe.
  12. No human or animal sacrifice (this one is for the Camp Owner).
  13. Play Area will be monitored Play Space each night from 8pm till 1am. Play is allowed outside of these times but the participants do so at their own risk. Roving Security Monitors monitor the entire camp and will spot check all play, camp sites, common areas, and Play Areas to ensure TEASE Event Rules are respected.
  14. Attendees will have to supply their own drop cloth for scenes involving - sex, penetration, wax play, piercing play, cutting play, branding play, fire play, and any other play that MIGHT need one. TEASE will NOT provide a sharps container for sharps disposal, OR medical supplies OR after care supplies - that is the responsibility of the participants.
  15. No sex, penetration, or open wounds allowed in the pool. No sex, penetration, or play allowed in the Bathroom/Shower areas. No genital nudity allowed at morning coffee or any time near the Food Shack. At anytime, anywhere; if nude (or just wearing a thong) - do not sit on any surface (unless you OWN it) without your own towel under you.
  16. Penetration is allowed in the Play Areas.  We encourage safe sexual practices but attendees are expected to provide their own safety supplies.
  17. No electrical play above the waist is allowed, except for static generators (like a violet wand) . No sex or obvious play is allowed in the shower/washrooms/pool/hot tubs/Snack Shack areas. Sex in/on or near the pool/showers/washrooms/hot tubs/Snack Shack areas will result in immediate ejection from the Camp Grounds.
  18. Breath play is permitted, but only if it does not block the intake of air to the lungs for more than a few seconds - i.e. a hand over the mouth is okay, but tape, plastic bags or collars attached to a point above the head - are not.
  19. Knife Play is allowed to be used DURING A SCENE ONLY; Knives must be packed away at any other time - including to and from Play. NO axes (hatchets etc) allowed anywhere, anytime. NO firearms are permitted (even real looking replicas).
  20. There are NO time limits on equipment, but you cannot begin consecutive scenes (one after the other) - if ANYONE is waiting for that piece of equipment. Let the DM know which piece of equipment you wish to use so the DM can let you know if there is a waiting list in front of you. DM's cannot give you an estimate of when the equipment is free. You CAN NOT “book” a specific time on equipment - If you are not in the area when the equipment becomes free - The DM will allow the NEXT person waiting access to the equipment (no one is coming to look for you).
  21. Respect the amount of space required for a particular scene. If you're playing, don't crowd out other players. If you're watching, stay behind the rope barrier. Do not attempt to join a scene in progress unless you are invited to do so by the person(s) in charge of the scene - PRIOR to the scene having started.
  22. If you plan to do anything that is out of the ordinary (such as loud scenes or role-playing non-consensual acts), you must clear it with a DM first.  Do not leave your submissive unattended during a scene (anywhere in the Camp), even for a moment. If you must step away during a scene, make sure that someone else takes over for you until you return. DM's are NOT allowed to assist in this.
  23. You must clean the equipment and area using the provided paper towels and disinfectant, immediately following your scene. For health and safety reasons, no bodily waste scenes of any kind are permitted in any common areas. No one except PLAYERS allowed inside the roped off Play areas (no spectators past the rope) or within proximity to any scene at TEASE (please respect play and give SPACE). If you use a piece of equipment that was covered, please cover it after you are finished with it (in case of rain). Do not use equipment that has been tagged "out of order" with “CAUTION” tape or other visual means.
  24. Participants use the equipment at their own risk. ALL of the equipment has been donated for this event -- do not mistreat it. Each participant is expected to examine the equipment for safety both before and after a scene. Equipment “Shaking”, “Climbing”, “Walking” “Tipping”, or other violent abuse is prohibited.
  25. Spectators are requested to keep noise levels down during scenes. Scenes in progress are not required to be quiet (unless it is past 11pm).
  26. You may bring alcohol (not in GLASS containers) to consume at camp (if you are 19yrs old or older), please drink responsibly. Anyone found drunk and causing a problem (playing drunk or being a public nuisance) will be restricted to their campsite and may be evicted in the morning once they are sober. No alcohol is allowed in the immediate play area (past the roped off area) at any time. Vehicles WILL be searched as they enter the grounds.
  27. The Camp Security Gate is locked each night from 10pm until 10am - no one who IS BELIEVED to be impaired will be allowed to enter OR leave.
  28. Only pre-approved trailers are allowed onto the campgrounds - all other trailers will be turned away at the gate (you can come in but your un-approved trailer can't - no refunds if you choose to stay with your trailer). Trailers MUST be declared – with specific size and type – no less than 15 days prior to the 1 st day of TEASE.
  29. All information regarding events, scenes, workshops, participants, or conversations participated in or overheard; while attending this PRIVATE event, is to be held in strict confidence. Breaching of event confidentiality may result in consequences (decided on by the Host), up to and including legal action. What happens at Camp - stays at Camp.
  30. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal property. We are not responsible for the weather.
  31. Persons ejected for cause will receive no refunds.

And don't forget to have fun!

UPDATED May 23, 2011



These are the RULES that are part of our contract with the Camp Ground Owner. TEASE Event Rules are listed above

NO GLASS (confiscated or person ejected - at Camp Staff discretion - SEE APPROVED LIST OF GLASS IN THE TEASE FAQ)

  1. NO ATTITUDES (immediate ejection from camp - no refunds)
  2. NO LOUD NOISE PAST 11PM (we can still swim, play pool, have fun - just quietly)
  4. NO AXES (Axes and hatchets and anything that resembles)
  5. NO PETS (except the Human kind) during TEASE
  6. NO KNIVES (they have adjusted this for us - see above question on Knife Play)
  7. NO VISITORS (no one gets past their gate without a wrist band - as a TEASE registered guest)
  8. NO ABUSE TO THE CAMP GROUNDS (don't singletail the trees)
  9. NO DAMAGE TO THE TREES (no spikes, no cutting branches off, no carving into your name, etc etc etc)
  10. EVERYONE PAYS THE $5 GARBAGE DEPOSIT (at the end of camp bring up your garbage and get your deposit back)
  11. FRONT GATE IS LOCKED AT 10 pm AND OPENS AT 10 am - you can get in and out (unless you are intoxicated) - just not easily
  12. Oh ya, I almost forgot NO HUMAN OR ANIMAL SACRIFICE (they told me a story behind this, I won't share it)
  13. NO WOOD BROUGHT TO CAMP (you MUST purchase wood from them)


TEASE Event Rules reflect and enforce these Camp Rules - they are NON-NEGOTIABLE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS for our rental of the entire camp grounds; so expect DM's, SM's, TEASE Staff, Volunteers, as well as Camp Staff to enforce them.

Please note: all DM's, Security Monitors, Registration Volunteers, and other Support People – are Volunteers. Any harassment of Volunteers will result in potential eviction from TEASE – with no refund.



The Rules posted at Registration, as well as at each of the Multiple Play Locations; will be the FINAL AND BINDING EVENT RULES, as agreed to by signing the registration waiver at arrival.

TEASE Attendees are suggested to check back to this site one week prior to TEASE



To attend TEASE you will have to have read the Event Rules posted at the CAMP GATE - as part of your registration; and sign a waiver upon arrival agreeing to abide by them, as a condition to attend TEASE.

Each person is required to sign the following TEASE Event Waiver upon arriving. Those who decline to sign will receive NO REFUND, and will not be allowed entrance.

TEASE Waiver: Attendance & Confidentiality Agreement

      FULL Legal Name:

Nick Name (as registered):

Terms & Conditions:

I swear that I am at least 18 years of age, that I have read and understand the TEASE Event Rules, and agree to abide by them as interpreted by the event; or risk ejection from the event, as well as possible further consequences up to and including legal action.

I agree and affirm to hold harmless the TEASE Organizers, Staff, Volunteers, fellow attendees, as well as the owners of the premises "King-Hamilton Farms" and their employees; from any and all damages, loss, injuries, or indemnities to my person or property arising from my attendance at this PRIVATE event. I understand there are natural risks to engaging in BDSM play, and agree that the ultimate responsibility for my own personal safety rests with me as a consenting adult.

I am aware that I will POSSIBLY be witnessing nudity, sex and alternative sexual acts, various fetishes, and that these activities do NOT offend me, and that I am a willing participant at this event.

I agree and affirm that all information regarding events, scenes, fellow participants, or conversations I have participated in or overheard; while attending this PRIVATE event, is to be held in strict confidence, and that breaching of this event confidentiality may result in consequences, up to and including legal action against me.

I agree and affirm to independently confirm the accuracy of any material or technique I witness, and agree to only act on the information or attempt to reproduce, ONLY at my own risk.

I swear and affirm that I am not a reporter or private investigator (volunteer or professional), attending this event for the purposes of collecting information about any of the participants or the organizers; for the purpose of any investigation, or for the purpose of publication. I further understand and affirm that I will NOT disclose, in ANY format, in any manner, at any time; any information which includes or references ANY details from my attendance at this PRIVATE event.

I agree and affirm that as a Private Event, I may be ejected - at any time, at the Hosts or Camp Owner's discretion, without compensation.

I understand I will face consequences up to and including legal action, should I ever violate the letter or spirit of this agreement.


Legal Signature:





TEASE is more fun than should be legal; Register TODAY !







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